Roots — a family history site

I have recently become interested in my family history, initially inspired by my cousin Roy Skogsrud. He helped me get started. As I am looking for information I am acutely aware of all the missed opportunities of talking about the past with my grandparents so do talk to the older generation whilst they are still alive.

I am Norwegian and my father’s side of the family are all from the west coast of Norway which is reflected in my ethnicity map. My mother’s side is a bit more diverse with ancestors from other parts of Scandinavia as well as Germany and Scotland as far as I have been told. I have taken a DNA test and the images below, taken from MyHeritage, show my ethnicity on the left and locations for people I have DNA matches with on the right.

I created this website as a way to organise my research and and split it into two sections, Family Trees and Locations.

Family Trees

This section contains my family tree and has information about each of my direct ancestors. I have also included a bit of information about some of the other branches of the family where I have come across it.


Here I look at the locations where my family came from going back to the farms where they lived and worked.

I have also provided a list with links to the various Resources I have have found useful.